There are some of the top car manufacturers that are really working towards the flying cars. But many of them are debating as this is going to be realistic or turning as the marketing hype? Too many of the people around are finding the flying cars concept is synonymous with future just as silver jumpsuits or the gourmet food in pill form. These dreams have not materialized yet so about the flying cars. So how this car is going to be? This classic idea of flying car is that the car is going to fly somehow. It seems as the startups of flying car are going to take over the many of the top companies.

Reality in nearer future

With the startup of EU based Lillum working on the electric autonomous flying taxis are garnering around $90 million B led by the Tencent and even supported around by known Vcs, it is almost clear the flying cars are going to transitioned from fascinating and captivating concept to the technology which is quite mature and even holds the promising thesis of investment. You must also understand that the ecosystem is almost maturing because there are around 15 startups that are working on different flying cars concepts and can be in the early stage or stealth mode.

 Flying Cars Become A Reality

Average Costs of the future cars!

Addition to the great corporations of heavyweight as Toyota or Airbus is even developing the technology. The technology which is required for such cars are here finally and biggest challenge is creation of the safe & effective take off & landing vehicles is also solved with the innovation in aircraft designing. There is also recent progress in the electric motors and autonomous flight and the batteries also enable the visionary future with the solar power flying cars crossing skies in both rural areas and large cities.

The aspects of future cars:

The flying concept is still yet to be confirmed, with major designers, trying to get in touch with the nature of the cars. Thus, flying cars will soon get into the market, earning huge profits. While they are arriving, off course the flying cars will going to cost great hundred thousand dollars and might also replace Bentley or Mercedes as status of richest people. For some of them it is going to be just a dream if not the science fiction thing due to higher prices.