Dos and Don’ts of responding to a bad review

When you get a negative review, you must handle it well. It can make you feel like a punch in your face. However, when you have put your soul into making and running a restaurant and when you get a feeling that all the effort is diminishing, especially when somebody leaves a bad comment, you must get a plan in order to respond to these kind of reviews on 먹튀 and even before getting a review like this you must be ready to face these challenges professionally.

Listed here are a few do’s and don’ts to respond to less than Stellar reviews.


Apologize: It may be difficult to argue with somebody’s feelings but we can definitely acknowledge them and apologize. Showing some empathy can help you make things better.

Research: You can ask your staff or other people for their opinion because they may have some knowledge regarding the situation. It can help you in understanding why your customer is unhappy and if there is anything you can do to address this issue.

Take them Offline: You can give the customers your contact information and also invite them to have a conversation offline. This shows that you want to listen to them and address their concerns.



Post the same response: Never use the same kind of response for all the customers. This can give them an impression that you do not pay attention to them and their concerns. What you could do instead is use phrases from their review for showing that you have read the review and also you understand their concern.

Delete Reviews: When there is a bad review on the site humus never delete it because there is nothing for you to hide. It may look like it is the right thing to do, however when you leave negative reviews to be there it shows that you’re someone who cares about what the customers have to say.

Attempt to Change The Customers Mind :

It can come across as condescending or argumentative however it may not be your intention but it does a lot of harm. You must always remember that it is not just the customer that you’re giving the response to but also to everybody else who will come online to read the review. So you’re giving them a reason to either come to your restaurant or to not come. When you respond to negative reviews in a sincere and positive manner and give the prospective customers an impression that you care for them and you want to provide a great dining experience to everybody.